Medieval Castles of Zagorje

I f you’ve researched Croatia, then you know we’ve got a long, complicated and colorful history. Modern day witnesses to this tale are the castles in Zagorje region. Each tells a piece of the puzzle and offers plenty to photograph and explore. This story is part of our day tours from Zagreb.

Beginning at Veliki Tabor castle, you can listen to the sad but gripping tale of Veronika Desinić. The oldest tower dates from the 12th century, while its round pillars cast interesting shadows to photograph. But above all, photographing the castle from higher ground is very attractive.

Continuing on to Trakošćan castle, a gem from the Medieval era, we’ll explore a fully restored building from the 13th century perched atop a hill. The museum within illustrates the way of life, while the lake beneath offers opportunities for mirror images.

After working up an appetite and soothing it with local gastronomy, we will head out to the former capital of Croatia, the baroque town of Varaždin. Its preserved castle and well-kept old town will surely offer an incentive for your photography.

During your tour, listen as your guide points out the best angles for your photography. Perhaps master a few new techniques along the way, then return in comfort to your departure point in Zagreb to conclude your tour.

Required experience and equipment

All levels of photography experience are welcome, the tour leader will adapt to your knowledge and needs. Bring comfortable shoes for walking. Stone surfaces may be slippery if wet. Your camera bag, tripod and any other equipment should not be too heavy or large. Avoid rolling photo bags, use smaller backpacks. Polarizing and ND filters, as well as macro lenses are welcome, but not necessary. Tour can be customized to offer sunrise photography above Veliki Tabor castle.

Tour departures

Any day of the year, on request.

Tour details

Our first stop is Veliki Tabor castle, 1h from Zagreb. After a 1h walk and photo session, we will continue towards Trakošćan castle and spend around 2h there. After lunch at a local restaurant, a 45 min drive will get us to Varaždin town. Return to Zagreb by 6 p.m., depending on departure time.

TOUR DURATION: around 10 hours, starting around 8 a.m. Start time can be modified to include sunrise above Veliki Tabor castle.

DEPARTING FROM: Any point in Zagreb or nearby cities.

GROUP SIZE: 1-7 guests (single guests can join for price of two).

Tour fee

80€ per person, payable at the start of the journey. 50% discount for children under age 15. Fee includes transportation in an air conditioned vehicle, photographer guide fee, entrance tickets, unlimited personal photos by the photographer. Does not include meals or drinks.

Talk to us and book your spot