Mostar and Blagaj Tekke

Join us on an adventurous photography day tour to Mostar, one of the greatest legacies of 4 centuries of Ottoman rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many of the 16-19th century buildings in the Old Town have been given back their original glory. The Old Bridge across the Neretva river has also been restored, enabling the 477 year diving competition to continue, at the end of every July.

On the way to Mostar, a short stop above the Blue Lake in Imotski is mandatory to appreciate the huge sinkhole on the edge of town with its 200 meter deep lake.

Mostar is a mix of Bosnian and Croatian cultures, with a high influence of Turkish architecture, culture and cuisine. Peruse the cobblestone streets, sink your teeth into a burek and have real Turkish coffee on the river bank. Your photographer guide will show you excellent spots to take memorable pictures, assist you in choosing the right angles, positions and moments when to capture wonderful shots. The guide is also your personal photographer, so you can actually be in the pictures you bring back home. Expect plenty of advice from you guide on photo techniques, angles, ideas and locations.

Moving on to the nearby Dervish monastery Blagaj Tekke you will explore the building, presumably built very soon after Ottoman rule was established in Herzegovina, around 1520. The monastery is built into the mountain next to a cave from which the Buna river emerges.

Depending on the time of the year, there may be time to visit the Kravice waterfalls or medieval town and fortress in Počitelj.

Our guide will show points of interest on the way, stopping when you feel the need to snap a photo. The tour has a framework, but is flexible to your needs and ideas you may have along the way.

Required experience and equipment

All levels of photography experience are welcome, the tour leader will adapt to your knowledge and needs. Bring comfortable shoes for walking and moderate trails. Your camera bag, tripod and any other equipment should not be too heavy or large. Avoid rolling photo bags, use smaller backpacks. Polarizing and ND filters, as well as macro lenses are recommended, but not necessary.

Your photographer guides

Igor-Nobilo-portret-300What better way is there to see Croatia than with a photographer whose job is to travel and explore. Igor Nobilo made photography his profession 18 years ago. Since then he has traveled extensively across Croatia and beyond on assignments and for fun. He has a passion for reportage and exploring the world around us. His expertise in photography enables him to provide a wide range of educational and practical lessons. He actively engages in photo workshops for aspiring photographers and has excellent English skills from his life in the United States. Check him out at

MIL_4383Milan Šabić’s
close bond to photography began in his school days when he was thrilled by the waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes, spending over a hundred rather expensive film images just on them. His interest in photography developed into something more during his time at the Art Academy and led him to participate in many exhibitions and undertake professional work.

Today, he’s a passionate skydiver who takes his camera to a whole new level – far above the clouds. Due to his experience in different types of photography – sport, aerial, wedding, landscape – he’ll be able to meet all your needs as you embark on this journey! Browse his images here.

Explore a cultural melting pot.
Tour departures

On request throughout the year. A minimum of 48h advance reservation is required.

Tour details

If you didn’t take your morning coffee in Split, you can have one near the town of Imotski, overlooking the fabulous Blue lake. Upon visiting Mostar, your guide will take you to the Dervish monastery Blagaj Tekke. On the way back there may be time to visit the natural wonder named Kravice waterfalls or medieval town and fortress in Počitelj.

TOUR DURATION: between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

DEPARTING FROM: Any point in Split or nearby cities.

GROUP SIZE: 2-7 guests (single guest can join for price of two).

Tour fee

80€ per person if starting from Split, payable at the start of the journey. 15% discount for 5 or more in group. Fee includes transportation in an air conditioned vehicle, photographer guide fee and unlimited personal photos by the photographer. Does not include meals or drinks.

Talk to us and book your spot

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