Zagreb photo tour

Experience the sights and sounds of the Croatian capital through our attractive Zagreb Photo Tour of Downtown and Uptown locations.

Walk through history, experience the essence of the city, see the hidden gems. Guided by a local professional photographer, who will also give you advice and practical know-how on photographing with your smartphone or camera.

Use your time in Zagreb wisely, get to know the best open and tucked away spaces, make sure you feel the real pulse of the city – join us! Take more experiences and great photos home with you, let’s enjoy Zagreb together :)

The Zagreb Photo Tour is modified to your time frame and preferences. You can choose to visit the best sightseeing photo locations, or pick a specific route such as churches, museums, hidden backyards, hearty caffes and bars, historic or modern places of interest…

These include the Well of life by the renown sculptor Ivan Meštrović, the Sun And The Planets installation in several locations, the garden of the Archaeological museum, the Grič cannon in the Lotrščak tower, popular meeting places like the Bulldog pub and many more.

Things to know

The city of Zagreb, capital of Croatia, is on the historic and political threshold between East and West, illustrating both the continental and Mediterranean spirit of the nation it represents.

The city is protected from the cold northern winds by the mountain of Medvednica and opens up to the rest of the world thanks to a spacious plain and the Sava river. Zagreb, with a population of nearly one million, contains almost a quarter of the entire population of Croatia. Over the centuries, the city was inhabited by people coming from all over Europe; and, in recent years, by people coming from different parts of Croatia, ensuring a rich cultural life. Zagreb is a safe city whose doors are always open.

However you find your way to Zagreb, getting around town is quite easy. Taxi services are well regulated and priced competitively. The trams will give you a sense of local life and a fun way to do some sightseeing beyond the center.

The price of services and goods are below the European average, but you can still fare better if you venture beyond the very center of town. Shops are open until at least 8 pm everyday except Sunday, with some exceptions. Restaurants usually close by 11 pm, while bars often do so around 1 am. The easiest quality breakfast can be found in bakeries all around town, choose the one that smells best to you.

The Croatian language is hard to master in theory, but it is composed of many German and English words, so you may find many familiar sounds. Besides, almost everyone speaks English to a degree. Tourism is on the rise in Zagreb so there are many labels in Croatian and English. Plus, the best way to meet locals is to ask for some language help.

If you want a more complete image of Zagreb and continental Croatia, try our tours starting from Zagreb: a daytrip to Plitvice lakes, tour Trakošćan castle and the rolling hills of Zagorje, explore Međimurje, the northernmost part of Croatia…


Igor-Nobilo-portret-300What better way is there to see Croatia than with a photographer whose job is to travel and explore. Igor Nobilo made photography his profession 18 years ago. Since then he has traveled extensively across Croatia and beyond on assignments and for fun. He has a passion for reportage and exploring the world around us. His expertise in photography enables him to provide a wide range of educational and practical lessons. He actively engages in photo workshops for aspiring photographers and has excellent English skills from his life in the United States. Check him out at


krasni 300A red carpet veteran of film festivals across Europe, Krasnodar Peršun today teaches at a private media school in Zagreb. His work led him on travels far beyond Croatia, only to show him that the best sights are at home. He’s been using the experience gained through photojournalism to help others advance in photography.

He loves the mid-Adriatic island of Pag, where he vacations and creates magical images. A freelance career has given him the ability to pursue his wants and needs in photography and beyond. Some of his work is featured here.

Sights and sounds of the Croatian capital.
Starting times

Tour times are flexible, with at least half a day’s notice. We recommend daytime tours that end around sunset.

Starting locations

Your hotel or any location you can get to.

You'll get to see

Your expert photographer guide will show you the scenic spots, but also any gems along the way hidden from most visitors. You can rush through the sights, or take it slow and enjoy the pulse of the city.

Price and what's included

Price is set at 300 kunas per group (~40€ / $46) for a two-hour tour of the Downtown and Uptown areas, payable at the end of the tour. The tour can be extended beyond the first two hours at a discounted rate. Max number of persons in group is 5.

Price includes our expert photographer guide, tips and advice on using your camera/smartphone to create memorable photos and memories and unlimited photos of you touring Zagreb made by your photo guide. Price excludes any entry fees, transfers, meals and drinks, optional activity costs and personal expenses.

Best time to visit Zagreb

Starting in April or May, the green cover of the many parks is reborn, while most city windows and alleys of the Upper Town boast colorful flowers. The city is full of street events from May to October, while in December you can enjoy the Advent season with decorations, ice parks and hopefully some snow. If you prefer a slower and less packed experience, try August when many inhabitants are on vacation and the city’s pulse slows down considerably.

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zagreb photo tour
zagreb photo tour