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Welcome to our passion. The Croatia Photo Tour website and the services included are a result of our desire to explore and photograph the world. We are seasoned photographers with a thorough knowledge of Croatia and its intimate locations. Our travels take us from the eastern plains of Slavonia, across the mountain ranges of Lika, all the way down south to Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. If you’re looking for an ultimate photography tour in Croatia, look no further.

Besides our regular tours and adventures, we are always available for ideas, location scouting and tour management when need be. There is so much to discover in Croatia and the region, it would take us a lifetime to even try to put everything down on paper.

So don’t hesitate to give us a call, to chat about possibilities or to arrange your next adventure. In the meantime, we’ll be out looking for fun things to do. All the best from the Croatia Photo Tour team!

Petar Kürschner Jr. is an award-winning freelance photographer & documentary film production manager/researcher/location scout based in Croatia. His clients are, among many others, GEO, Traveller, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, Cosmopolitan.

Since his work has taken him throughout the mystical island of Cres, he will lead you to the most amazing secret spots where the legends of elves and fairies still live. He’ll also cook up a feast and help you relax afterwards with a tune from his guitar. See his work here.

What better way is there to see Croatia than with a photographer whose job is to travel and explore. Igor Nobilo made photography his profession 18 years ago. Through a decade and a half in the media industry, he has traveled extensively across Croatia and beyond on assignments and for fun.

He has a passion for reportage and exploring the world around us. His expertise in photography enables him to provide a wide range of educational and practical lessons. Living in New York taught him the value of meeting new people and the beauty of diversity. Check him out here.

A red carpet veteran of film festivals across Europe, Krasnodar Peršun today teaches at a private media school in Zagreb. His work led him on travels far beyond Croatia, only to show him that the best sights are at home. He’s been using the experience gained through photojournalism to help others advance in photography.

He loves the mid-Adriatic island of Pag, where he vacations and creates magical images. A freelance career has given him the ability to pursue his wants and needs in photography and beyond. Some of his work is featured here.

Milan Šabić’s close bond to photography began in his school days when he was thrilled by the waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes, spending over a hundred rather expensive film images just on them. His interest in photography developed into something more during his time at the Art Academy and led him to participate in many exhibitions and undertake professional work.

Today, he’s a passionate skydiver who takes his camera to a whole new level – far above the clouds. Due to his experience in different types of photography – sport, aerial, wedding, landscape – he’ll be able to meet all your needs as you embark on this journey! Browse his images here.

Julien Duval is a French photographer specializing in travel and concert photography. After obtaining a geography degree in France, he came to Croatia for an internship and fell in love with the country.

He has explored Croatia for 7 years and captured with his camera its amazing scenery. His clients mainly include tourist boards, tourists agencies and musicians. His work is regularly published in Croatian, French and international media. You can find his work here.