The Mystique of Zumberak

L ooking for a place off the beaten path in Croatia? Join photographer René Pronk in the discovery of the Zumberak region, located less than an hour from the capital Zagreb, adorned with rolling hills, hilltop villages, scenic rivers, and historical castles. A large portion of it is protected as a nature park and very much tourist-free, simply because it hasn’t been properly discovered yet.

The beauty and attraction of the Zumberak area lies in panoramic views, often above the morning fog which isolates hilltop churches or peaks, as well as old wooden houses whose inhabitants still live the traditional way. Many of them are descendants of uskoks, irregular soldiers originally from the Adriatic, invited by Emperor Ferdinand in the 16th century to protect the Austro-Hungarian Empire from the Ottomans.

This tour covers nature highlights, such as the Sopot waterfall, as well as historical items in the shape of the Ozalj castle and the true local way of life, present in remote villages. René is the right person to show you all this, as his knowledge of the area can get you into positions to shoot some incredible scenes.

Required experience and equipment

All levels of photography experience are welcome, the tour leader will adapt to your knowledge and needs. Bring comfortable shoes for walking and moderate trails. Your camera bag, tripod and any other equipment should not be too heavy or large. Avoid rolling photo bags, use smaller backpacks. Polarizing and ND filters, as well as macro lenses are recommended, but not necessary.

Tour departures

Any day of the year, on request.

Tour details

Starting from Zagreb or Karlovac, in under an hour your tour will begin on the hills of Žumberak or next to a river, depending on the time of the year and best morning options for photography. During the day, you will encounter numerous hilltop panoramas, as well as stops in quaint villages, where you can also meet the aging population, still living in traditional ways.

TOUR DURATION: between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., depending on the time of the year and guest preferences.

DEPARTING FROM: Any point in Zagreb or nearby cities.

GROUP SIZE: 1-3 guests (single guests can join for price of two).

Tour fee

95€ per person, 250€ total for 3 persons, payable at the start of the journey. Fee includes transportation in an air conditioned vehicle, photographer guide fee, and unlimited personal photos by the photographer guide. Does not include meals or drinks.

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