Magnificent Plitvice Lakes

W hy are Plitvice lakes so popular? Nature is the best showman, never disappointing the viewer. No matter how many times we’ve seen the lakes, there is always something different and new. The changing seasons, the rising and falling water levels, color of light in different time of day… A refreshing place to be, at any time. Join us on the Plitvice photo tour.

The national park is world famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. Currently, 16 lakes can be seen from the surface. The lakes are renowned for their distinctive colors, ranging from azure to green, grey or blue. The colors change constantly depending on the quantity of minerals or organisms in the water and the angle of sunlight. The park has been under UNESCO protection since 1979.

A tour of the lakes easily takes all day, if you feel like walking all the trails. You can speed up your visit by using shortcuts run by boats across the major lakes. But take your time, sit by the waterfalls and get your face wet. When hungry, visit the Lička kuća restaurant for some local delicacies. When tired, make your stops short or else the daylight will hide behind the surrounding tall hills.

On our way to Plitvice, we will warm up our feet and cameras at the Rastoke village. Famous for its watermills, it was constructed on the Sljunčica river, at the point where it enters the Korana river.

Required experience and equipment

All levels of photography experience are welcome, the tour leader will adapt to your knowledge and needs. Bring comfortable shoes for walking and moderate trails. Your camera bag, tripod and any other equipment should not be too heavy or large. Avoid rolling photo bags, use smaller backpacks. Polarizing and ND filters, as well as macro lenses are recommended, but not necessary. Tour can be customized to offer sunrise photography at the lakes.

Tour departures

Any day of the year, on request.

Tour details

After a 1.5h drive, the first stop is the village of Rastoke, built on a river delta. Moving on to Plitvice lakes (20 min drive), the tour of Plitvice takes 4-8h, depending on the guests’ desires and abilities. A visit to the abandoned country villa owned by Yugoslav president Tito or underground airbase is optional.

TOUR DURATION: around 12h, starting at 8 a.m., depending on the month. Start time can be customized to include sunrise at the lakes.

DEPARTING FROM: Any point in Zagreb or nearby cities.

GROUP SIZE: 1-7 guests (single guests can join for price of two).

Tour fee

140€ per person, payable at the start of the journey. 50% discount for children under age 15. Fee includes transportation in an air conditioned vehicle, photographer guide fee, Plitvice lakes entrance ticket and unlimited personal photos by the photographer. Does not include meals or drinks.

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